Mission Statement

In the Scriptures God has commanded two institutions to educate: the home and the church. The purpose of South Arkansas Christian School is to reinforce the educational ministries of these institutions and protect their ministries from secular interference.

The purpose of a Christian education is to achieve academic excellence in directing the process of student development toward God’s objective for man: godliness of character and action. Students will learn of God so they may imitate Him in both His nature (holiness) and His works (service). ã€€

It is our intent that they learn to see the world from a Biblical viewpoint. The Bible will be considered the final authority in every area of study. It will be a subject of specific course work at every grade level and will also be used in the teaching of all academic disciplines.

Spiritual growth and academic excellence will be accomplished through God honoring curricula, godly teachers, and the development of positive Christian peer pressure among students.